Museo di Palazzo Poggi


The Museo di Palazzo Poggi, located at Via Zamboni 33, is one of the museums belonging to the Sistema Museale di Ateneo of the University of Bologna.

The museum houses the collections and laboratories of the old Istituto delle Scienze of the University of Bologna.  The institute was founded by Luigi Ferdinando Marsili and the oldest scientific institution dedicated to research and experiments.

The palace is decorated with fresco mostly by the 16th century Bologna artists like Prospero Fontana, Pellegrino Tibaldi, Niccolò dell’Abate, Nosadella, and Ercole Procaccini the Elder.





A view of Sala di Mosè painted by Prospero Fontana:

The Sala di Susana by Pellegrino Tibaldi

The Museum is divided into seven different sections: Natural History, Anatomy and Obstetrics, Physics and Chemistry, Military Architecture, Geography and Nautical Science, The Library, and East Asian Art.

Inside the Natural History section, you could see the collection of Ulisse Aldrovandi, the founder of Modern Natural History.

The collection of Luigi Ferdinando Marsili on Natural History and minerals could also be found in the same section.

The last collection in this section is the Museum diluvianum, the Great Flood, linked to the study of the structure and age of the earth based on fossils.

The Physics and Chemistry section contain laboratory collections on electricity, and lights and optics.

The Anatomy and Obstetrics section contain collections from the school of obstetrics, the anatomical waxworks of Morandi and Manzolini, and Ercole Lelli and Clemente Susini’s the Venerina.

The Military Architecture section contains interesting diorama of the past centuries warfare.

17th and 18th-century maps and small models of ships used on long voyages during those times are on display at the Geography and Nautical Science section.

The Library is the first library of the Istituto delle Scienze in operation since 1724 forms the collection of books from Marsili.

The East Asian collection contains Japanese woodblock prints and illustrated books. Japanese and Chinese paintings are also on display.




Via Zamboni 33

tel: +39 0512099610
fax: +39 0512099402

Taxi: 051 372727 / 534141
Bus from train station: Viale Pietramellara, Linea C
Stop: Teatro Comunale

Ticket: adults 5 €; reduction 3€, students 1€INFORMATION

+39 051-2099610

Summer visiting hours (15 June- 14 September)

From Tuesday to Sunday 10.00 – 14.00
(Monday closed)

Closed from 15 to 22 August.

Winter visiting hours

From Tuesday to Friday 10.00 – 16.00
Saturday and Sunday: 10.30 -17.30
(Monday closed)

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