Madonna and the Child, the giant projector wall, and the rock salotto

Weekends in Bologna are full of free entertainment.   The streets of the city center are more crowded than usual because they are closed for public transportation.  They will then become a venue for talented street performers, artists, and the likes who will be more than happy to entertain people in exchange for some coins.  Of course, you are not obliged to pay, you can just watch.  But others deserve more than just your curious stares.  Most have talents that deserve to earn them a living.

Like this lady who we saw painting a drawing of the Madonna and the child with some old pieces of chalk.  I really hope that more halls, buildings, and other infrastructures would commission works of artists like her.

Moving on to Piazza Maggiore, or the main plaza, we witnessed for the first time the surprising modern lights that are lit up around Palazzo Renzo.  Across the plaza, it was remarkable to see that the wall of the city library, Salaborsa, was turned into a giant projector board.


When the wall of the city library was turned into a giant projector board!

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After going around the plaza, my kids and I took a rest on the Salotto di Pietra, sala set made of rock, near Palazzo d’ accursio.  We sat there surrounded by the walls of the palace where the former Popes have stayed.  The walls themselves a tapestry of many stories.





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