Miriam Defensor Santiago’s Book in the Biblioteca Italiana delle Donne


I went to the Biblioteca Italiana delle Donne as part of our seminar in Journalism with SheNews . It is said to be the first of its kind, also being a Center for Women Studies, in Europe.  I was only able to stay for less than a couple of hours because I have to go straight to work.  I was not able to join the tour of the library because we are still being oriented on the history of the place when I had to go.  I believe it is fortunate anyway because then I have some questions left on my mind like, ”Do they have books here from the Philippines?”, ”Do they have a collection in foreign languages?”, ”Do they have films or documentaries from all over the world?”.  When I went home, I sent them an email asking if they have books in Filipino written by Filipino women, and I sent them a list of my suggested books to be added to their collection.  The answer was quite vague as the librarian told me she searched the database and there appears to be a number of books ”about” Filipino women, but the books are in Italian and seem to be written by other nationalities.  So, I asked her if they would accept book donations because I have one that I brought from my last Philippine vacation here. She said yes, and I was so happy because even if I am not the author of the book, I felt like I was doing something for my country and for my people.

236655581On Tuesday morning I went there with the book ”Stupid is Forever” by Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.  She asked me things about the book and some reference site to check if they suit their collection.  Aside from the other things, I also told her this book is a bestseller in our country, and a recipient of an award, and most importantly it is written by a woman who is a feminist in the truest sense of the word. She seemed to agree with me because after a couple of days I checked it in the database and it is there!


Screenshot (25)

I believe I have found another mission to take here which is to spread Philippine literature by adding to the collection in local libraries of literary works done by Filipinos.





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