Where are you from? Di dove sei?


When meeting people in Italy, the question most often asked after your name is ”where are you from?” or ”from what country are you?”

People would ask you:

”Da dove vieni?” or ”Di Dove sei?” meaning,  Where are you from?

You  can answer  by saying ”Vengo dalla/ dall’ or delle  (name of your country).”

(for example Vengo dall’Inghilterra) or by stating the city where you came from

”Sono di (name of the city).”  (for example, Sono di Buenos Aires.)

Or you can also state your nationality ”Sono  (nationality).”  (for example, Sono filipina.)

To know more about how you say the name of countries and nationalities in Italian, please check my other posts about Asia, Europe, and North America.








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