How to Spell in Italian

In Italian, we spell words by equating or matching each letter to an Italian city, except for the letters H, Q, and the letters derived from foreign words (J,K,W,X,Y).

  • A come Ancona
  • B come Bologna (o Bari)
  • C come Como
  • D come Domodossola
  • E come Empoli
  • F come Firenze
  • G come Genova
  • H come hotel
  • I come Imola
  • L come Livorno
  • M come Milano
  • N come Napoli
  • O come Otranto
  • P come Pisa (o Palermo)
  • Q come quadro
  • R come Roma
  • S come Savona
  • T come Torino
  • U come Udine
  • V come Venezia
  • Z come Zurigo

and the letters derived from foreign origin:

  • J i lunga
  • K cappa
  • W doppia vu
  • X ics
  • Y ipsilon

For example my name is Harry Potter I will spell it like:

Hotel Ancona Roma Roma Ipsilon

Palermo Otranto Torino Torino Empoli Roma

For additional info here’s a video I like to share:








One thought on “How to Spell in Italian

  1. Reblogged this on Italian in Italy's Blog and commented:
    I used to do this spelling thing on the first lesson of “business italian course”… the fastest you are able to do it, the more professional you look…:-)


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