Dati Personali


Here is how you fill out your Personal Data Sheet in Italian (which as a foreigner you will often find yourself doing).


Nome (First Name)_______________

Cognome (Surname)______________

Dati di Nascita (Date of Birth)  ____________

Citta di nascita (Place of Birth)  ____________

Stato  (Country)  _______________

Cittadinanza  (Citizenship)  ___________

Sesso (Sex)  Maschile (Male)  Femminile (Female)

Stato Civile (Civil Status)  Celibe (Single Male)  Nubile  (Single Female)  Coniugato (Married)

Indirizzo in Italia  (Address in Italy) ______________

Telefono ( Telephone Number)  ________________

Permesso di Soggiorno (Do you have a Permit to Stay in Italy?) Si (Yes)  No (No)  In Attessa (In Process or waiting for release)

Scadenza (Valid until what date)

Lingua Madre (First language)

Altre lingue (Other languages you can speak/understand)

Titolo di Studio  (Educational Attainment)__________  Nessuno (no educational attainment)  Licenza Elementare (Elementary graduate)  Licenza Media (Middle School graduate)  Diploma (Highschool graduate/Vocational training graduate)  Laurea (University graduate)  Master (Master’s Degree graduate)

Conseguito il (Date graduated) ___________

Condizione lavorativa (Employment Status) ____  Occupato (Employed)  Non Occupato ( Not Working/Never worked)   Disoccupato  (Out of Work) Pensionato (Retired)

Firma (Signature)

Luogo and Data  (Place and Date signed)


Read this booklet to know more about how to stay legally in Italy.


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