Bologna Weekend: Christmas Tree and Burattini

The temperature nowadays is averaging around 8 degrees here in Bologna.  Not only is winter here, but Christmas is coming soon!  Some scenes at the centro this weekend:

Here is Sach trying to catch some bubbles 🙂

The youth is the hope of our future. -Dr. Jose Rizal 🎈🎈🎈

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#Bicycles #Food and #Bologna happy Sunday!

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Lots of bikes parked everywhere because the center is closed for buses and cars during weekends.

And some talented street performers:


A beautiful Christmas tree now stands at the Piazza Nettuno.  I have not been able to view it at night time yet.  I wonder how it looks like with the lights on.  Here is how it looks like in the morning:

This Saturday was the first time I ever watch a puppet show and in Italian.  It is conducted by the Burattini di Ricardo. They are giving free spectacles for the children in partnership with the comune di Bologna.  The kids and I had a great laugh.  We enjoyed the ”L’avvocato patapi” and can’t wait to watch one of their shows again.

You can find them at their official website at and you can also follow them at their facebook page.


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