Italian Words: Sewing or ”Cucito”

Alongside the Italian language course I am taking up, we are also being taught some crafts starting with sewing. I am actually loving it!

So I am sharing a few words I learned recently with our sewing activity:

  1.  Filo or thread


2.  Gomitolo or a ball of yarn or thread


3.  Forbici or scissors


4.  Ago or needle


5.  Feltro or Felt (a type of fabric)


6.  Metro or measuring tape


7.  Riga or ruler

Riga Anteprima

8.  Nodo or knot


9.  Cerniera lampo or zipper ( it is the hardest one to remember!)

YKK on zippers.jpg

10. Cucire or to sew (verb)


The conjugation of the verb cucire in simple present is:

io cucio  (I sew)

tu cuci  (you sew, singular)

lui/lei cuce (he/she/it sews)

noi cuciamo  (we sew)

voi cucite   (you sew, plural)

loro cuciono   (they sew)

11.  Macchina da cucire or sewing machine





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