La Befana

Look who passed by our home tonight! La Befana! image image The stores here are selling doll witches or items with designs of witches like christmas socks. At first I thought the stores were selling old stocks from halloween.  But after the new year they just increased in numbers I wondered what this trend is about. And then I remembered last year during the celebration of Three Kings there was also a witch in town giving away candies to the children. image image It turns out that they are not the witch we think of during halloween.  She is called ‘la Befana’ who according to old Italian folklore is an old woman who gives candies away, the female version of Santa Claus, on the eve of the Feast of the Epiphany. It is believed that she fills the stockings of candies of children in Italy with candies and gifts if they are good and with coal or sticks if they have been bad. She also has a broom because she sweeps the floor of the house she visits to remove the bad luck of the past year. Happy new year everyone and a blessed Epiphany!


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