A Summer in Trentino

Glad to be back once again! I have been to Trentino this summer. I have seen the beautiful valleys of Val di Rabbi and Val di Sole,and the dolomites of Madonna di Campiglio. It was such a beautiful place it looked like a live painting from a master artist! The mountains are so majestic they seem to overpower you. The small streams and rivers foam whitish blue.I think I never drank as much water in my life as when I stayed there! It was like I was taken to another time and place. I even got to see a roe deer from our backyard.

Aside from the whole nature vibe of the place it is historic as well. They celebrate 100 years of the Great War or the First World War and I get to visit two Museums, one in Pejo and the other one in Vermiglio. I bought a book in to understand more about this White War in the Alps.

I hope to be back there with my family next time. I collected a lot of pamphlets and maps to show my kids when they get here. I want to enrol them in ski school when we get back.

Here are some of the places I have been to:


Val di Rabbi


Madonna di Campiglio





and inside the War Museum in Peio



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