How they learned a new language in 22 hours and the other one in 90 days

I was searching for the most commonly used Italian words today to build my vocabulary on, realizing that learning the language does not necessarily mean memorizing the entire dictionary but building conversations from the most commonly used and understood words.

I’ve read two testimonies today; one from Joshua Foer who told his story on how he learned to speak Lingala in a day, and from another author teaching the technique of the 90-day learning of a new language.

One application used by one of the authors on the web is Memrise which I am trying out today. And one of the articles said, learn at least 1000 commonly used words, well, I found list of 500 Italian words which I want to share with you (which I am also still in the process of memorising)

Plus, the first MEM I created for memrise:


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