Hello world! Ciao Tutti!

Do you know that the first two Italian sentences I learned were:

Non Parlo Italiano. Parla Inglese?

Which in English translates to:

I do not speak Italian.  Do you speak English?

It has been a lifesaver in most situations but as time goes by its becoming more of an excuse to just delay the inevitable: TO REALLY LEARN TO SPEAK AND UNDERSTAND the language (needless to say there are only a few Italian here at the present who know how to speak English).

They said that learning the language goes hand in hand with adapting and knowing the culture, ways, of these foreign people.  So this is going be one long and exciting adventure which I hope, you my readers would learn something from. Join me on my Italian journey!

First stop.  Let me share to you what I learned about the word CIAO!


Well, I could say this is the first Italian word I learned. Even when I was not in Italy yet I heard people in movies greet each other this way (as most of you did I guess).

In Italy Ciao is both used for saying hello (ciao!) and goodbye (ciao!ciao!) informally or casually. What’s interesting is that this word’s origin ( sciào vostro )  in Venetian means ”I am your slave”. And that the Venetian word for slave (s-ciào) derives from a Latin word (sclavus) meaning Slavic (people in the Balkan peninsula). But of course, it is not being used in its literal sense nowadays but serves as an offer of friendship or goodwill to a close family member or friend. There goes our first lesson!

So what about you, what Italian phrase do you use the most? Qual è la frase italiana che usi di più?

Ciao! Ciao!


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